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Gushing Princess Gigi

Hi my name is Gigi, I recently turned 20 and I love older men. I have a famous nick name of Gushing Gigi because my little cunt squirts when I orgasm. I have plenty of experience with older men, even at a young age, men always found my sweet smile to be alluring. hehe

I have many stories to share about my experiences with older men at a young age, and stories about gushing for my family as well. Many nights my Daddy, mom, or a sibling would sneak into my room and play “doctor” with me. I learned from the very best how to satisfy both a man or a woman. I have always been the center of attention and I always get everything that I want. Treating me like a Princess will benefit you…

Who can turn down such a cute face, hot little ass, and the ability to deep throat up to 10 inches of hard cock? Yummy! I am the girl that likes to hear my guy get off. As he strokes his cock, I will rub myself to complete orgasm squirting and gushing all over the place. This is something that drives them sugar daddies crazy!

I have had several personal sugar daddies, all of them have taken really good care of me, yet I long for more sex than they can handle so that is why I am turning to phone sex. I love to make my little pussy cum for you as we explore our fantasies together. I really get into age play, incest role play, or anything your dirty little mind can cum up with! I love a man that can be just as hot and nasty like me! I am not afraid of trying anything too nasty or any fucked up idea that cums across your mind.

I am tri sexual, bi sexual, I love group sex, sex with boys, girls, she males. I love talking to men but I will also do phone sex with girls, trannies, and even sissy boy cross dressers! Sometimes you can call me and either my boyfriend or girlfriend will be over and we can do a two or three party call. The more the merrier!

I have all the tools of the trade to make sure you have a rocking time. 1-800-494-0230.

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