Spoiled Princess Questions & Answers

Spoiled Princess GigiI get asked the same questions daily by many men who call me asking about phone sex worship. As a spoiled princess, I don’t always have time to answer every question you may have. If you are new to phone sex, I invite you to read on! In this blog I will clear up some commonly asked questions so that you will be ready to spoil Me properly, without any extra hassle (except from me!) 😉

Q: Gigi, how much does it cost to have a phone sex session with you?
A: The minimum phone session is 10 minutes for $20, though you are always welcome to make make it longer. ($2 per each additional minute is standard.)

Q: Gigi, can I get some pictures along with our call?
A: Yes, however it takes a few minutes for me to get your email down and then send pics, so make sure you get enough time. ($2 per each addition minute afterward)

Q: Gigi, how can I spoil you when I don’t have time for phone sex?
A: Plenty of ways! You can request to give me tips whenever you please, you can peruse through my wish list, and even better you can ask me about any available items I might be selling at the time! (wink)

Q: Gigi, I’m all cashed out, will you ever have time to just chat?
A: While I love to help out those in need, you must remember that my time is precious and you have to prove to me that you are worth it. Get it?

Q: Gigi, can I pay in pictures or cum tributes?
A: You can always send me pictures of yourself or any tributes I have, but remember time is money!

Q: Gigi, how will I ever know when and where to find you?
A: You can always check my availability button here at my site, or on my phone sex page at Purrfectly Sweet!

Q: Gigi, do you do ______ fetish?
A: Read through my site here and my purrfect blogs as well. You will see what fetishes I cater to to make your choice.

Spoiled Princess Gigi